Fastest way to get a six pack.

So What is the fastest way to get a six pack any way??

I do ask a lot of people when they ask me about how to have a six pack I ask the m in return ,what do they think , what does it takes to reach their goals and how to get a ripped six pack??

Most of time they do answer my question with , oh I just want to be like your self, loose the extra weight , build muscles and have an amazing body!! And I always reply ,ok, but you did not answer my question , what exactly do you want? Any I always receive not so pleasant look after I ask them that question, they think iam being rude or I just want to Embarrass them or something, but I do really mean it, what exactly do you want??

Here what I mean by that question, it is clear to me that you want six pack abs, great , but what exactly your plan and step by step action to do that??

Setting general goals, and say what you want is get a six pack fast is vague! that’s so general goal , and most people will not achieve a lot of what they wanted  because they think in so broad way not in a specific way, I mean they don’t know the art of goal setting and follow through ,and that’s why most of them fall into  how to get six pack abs in 3 weeks Type of advertising.

 Here is what you should do if you want it:

1-Set specific goals:-

Narrow your goal down, down to the digits , eg how many pounds do you want to loose( from body fat) first, and what measurements do you like to have ?

2- Set measurable goals:

You have to measure your progress regularly, unfortunately the scale alone is not enough, actually the scale might deceive you

Important measures you should do : 

Total body fat percent

Total body watter percent

And total body muscle mass.

We will go latter in to the details of how to measure each one, but for now you should know that those are the figures that you should always check and worry about .

3-Set big goals

Set high expectation , be a big dreamer but in action, never say I cant look like that or oh I cant do that iam too old, too fatty , or too skinny , …

When I started I used to stick a photo of one of my favourites  bodybuilders  whom i wanted to be like him, I used to tell my self I will definitely look even better than him, guess what , I do now look far more better than him.

4-Set realistic deadlines.

This will help you avoid procrastination , deadlines are very important , it motivates you to reach your target on time, even if you didn’t reach your targeted goal you will reach some thing very close to that, just be realistic when you set your deadlines.

Remember, there is no unrealistic goals there are only unrealistic deadlines.

 5- Know why do you want to reach your goal and why are you running after that goal specifically.

I mean you have to identify the reason why and the exact purpose of that goal, l,this is so important, because when the going gets tought, when those days comes. when you don’t feel motivated to go to the gym,or stick to eating the right food, and you feel like you wanna mess-up every thing you started, your why will push you hardly

 6- write down your goal and make sure it doesn’t conflict with your others goals, write always in a form of affirmation, and put that paper in a place that you can see daily,eg on the bedroom mirror , and each day when you read it visualise that you have achieved it , see yourself having those ripped six pack abs, bulky muscle and having the body of your dream.

That’s my friend the fastest way to get a six pack, start here , start by settin goals and deadlines , and the how will defiantly follow.



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